The Youngs

Anything but normal.

Friday, September 30, 2005

it's too late to still be awake

Well I finally figured out how to add a new post. Sorry it took so long. My sister got her due date, April 18th. So it looks like we might be leaving around the first of May. Not set in stone yet, but at least a guestimate. Charles and I are so excited about Africa. We saw that new movie The Constant Gardener, which is set in Africa. We really liked it, but it was a little artsy, so you have to like those type of movies. Work has been so busy ever since the hurricanes. We are seeing a lot of clients from New Orleans and even some from Missisippi. ok, i will have to finish this tomorrow because i am in bed and charles is sleping and fussing to turn the computer off. sorry to cu off like this. Goodnight.

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