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Friday, August 31, 2007

Mozi Bozi

Were here chillin in mozambique with some thowd off peeps from the states. The life church from memphis and Hpc from BR. 2 things its hot and we've been puttin up swing sets at tyhe hpc campus and the kids are actin a fool. Today one of them busted her mouth open but went back in for some more like a trooper. I wish I had some pics but its hard to post from here. I like that. It showed me when I get a little hurt throw some sand on it and get back in the game. Issac a carol are tearin it up out here. If your lookin to support anyone in mozambique there a great couple to get behind.

2nd. Why is it everythime I come here I get hymed up by a bunch of dudes with AK 47's, not really sure but I guess it because they need Jesus. Were doin a youth night here tomorrow night so were pretty stoked about it. To see a bunch of donkified youth tearin it up for Da MAn Wit Da Plan!!!!!!! Well check ya in a few Be blessed.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sweet Clementine

On Sunday, Zinty and I were on our way to church when we picked up Clementine. She was walking to town, as most of the locals here do, so we offered her a ride. She gladly got in my car and we headed on our way. She began telling us that she was on her way to visit her daughter who has been sick for 2 years with TB and HIV. She has two young children, whom she is too weak to take care of. Clementine was going to help her with the kids and take care of the washing. I prayed with her before she left and encouraged her that God would bless her for her service to her daughter. HIS daughter. This is such a common story here. We are seeing the middle generation die off. Children are being left with their 80 year old grandparents and most of the time the children end up taking care of the elder, not the other way around. Pray for Swaziland. Pray for the aids epidemic that is attempting to take over this tiny country. Pray for Clementine.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Invasion 07

Sorry for the long wait it has been insane. Since I landed GO GO GO. Invasion 07 was this past weekend and it was retardedly insane. We had some of the top DJ's in the country that I have been hanging out with. They tore it up. Playing house music to gospel remix, words cant describe. All I can say is WHAT!!!!!!!.

There was about 1000 people there and some were trying to ride this buckin bull that we had and it was funny. Rodeo is not big here and to see africans try and ride a buckin bull for 8 seconds it was funny. Then this group from south africa came to perform called spin the flava. Bra they are ridiculious. They were spinnin on there heads doin back flips off the stage. Im tryin to get them in the staes next year. So anyone who wants high energy break dancin and sick music let me know.

Thanks to all who have been prayin for us we are doin really well. Africa is being tranformed because of your prayers.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


My wonderful husband made it home!! It was so exciting to drive up to the airport and see him standing there!! WOW I am so lucky to have him as my husband!! Now let me give a huge thanks to some people who made me feel very special and remembered!! Thank you to Jana and Jamie for sending things with Charles for me. It feels so good to know that you guys were thinking of me!! Thank you to Gabi for the birthday package you sent!! I can't believe how quickly it got here!! Thank you to Jason and Leslie for taking Charles shopping when he was home!! He was totally blessed!! Thank you to Nicole and Dad for getting everything for me that I asked for and more!! You guys have really made me feel loved!! It truly felt like Christmas when i opened Charles' suitcase! I miss you all more than you know!! Can you tell how happy I am because of all of the exclamation points!!!!!!!!

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