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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Praise God!

Thank you Lord that you are always faithful to provide. Today, Charles and I got word from a pastor friend of ours, that he has room at his orphanage for Sanele. This is such an answered prayer for us and for all of you who joined us in prayer. We will be able to bring him there on the 11th. We talked to his mother today and she wants to keep him until then. We feel very good about all of this. At the orphanage, which is about 45 minutes away in a town called Hawane, they will school him through high school and teach him trades like gardening and welding. It will be such a great opportunity for him. We will still get to see him as often as we want to also. Praise God!! He is our Provider!!

Monday, August 28, 2006

One Wild and Crazy Weekend

Friday, I am home, feeling a little down with allergies. Charles calls, "Hey, can I bring this kid to our house to give him a bath and get him some new clothes?" "Ok," I answer with confusion, "I guess so." Five mintues later Charles pulls in the driveway. "This is Sanele," he says with excitement, "He speaks no english." I recognize him from being at the Fonteyn care point everyday. Over the next 30 miinutes, Charles brings him in to give him a bath as my neighbors, Stan and Sue, and I rummage through donated clothing in thier storage trying to find his size. He is five years old. Then I go find Charles to hear the rest of the story. His mom is an alcohlic who stays at her boyfriends house while Sanele sleeps on the streets. She has four children, who all live with different people. She told Charles that she did not want him and that we could keep him. Charles was caught up in the moment of wanting to help. One of the community leaders asked Charles to take him for the weekend and they would try to find someone in the community that would care for him. Charles agreed. He has been at our house since Friday. After his bath and fresh clothes, he sat on our couch to watch Finding Nemo. A few minutes into it, he peed on my sofa. What to do. Do I get mad? Do I fuss and tell him no? All he has ever know is to just go in his pants. Charles takes him back to put new bottoms on him. Friday night we went to a friends house where we discovered that he loved toy cars and trucks. I wish all of you could have seen his face when we were just driving through the city. He had never seen anything outside of his community before. Saturday he watched Monsters Inc and we brought him to town to try to find him some new pants and shoes. A pair of pants, a pair of shorts, two shirts, a belt, a pair of socks and shoes later, we made our way back home. All weekend he enjoyed riding in a car, playing with toys and eating three meals a day. None of which he had ever done before. This morning we brought him to the care point to play with his friends. We are not sure what is going to happen to him. The community leaders have not found anyone to take him yet. Do I know that there a millions in Africa like him? Yes. Do I know there is no way I can help them all? Yes. Do I believe in reaching the world one person at a time? Yes. Do I believe each one reach one? Yes. Do you? Please pray with us for Sanele as we are trying to find him a home.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

24 August 2006

I am not sure that I have anything really important to say, I just feel it is time to blog. Our week has been good, nothing too exciting going on. We are busy with planning the Youth Event in November. It seems to be going well and will be a big success. This week was Charles and I's days to be prayed for in the forty days of prayer, which if you do not know about you can go to Thanks to everyone for all of your prayers!!! And thanks to my mom and sister Nicole for calling this week, it helps soo much!! We love you all!! Have a great day!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

God loves the Rapist just as much as He loves the Raped

So a few nights ago, a couple that had come here to serve about 3 weeks with us from Las Vegas, Nevada, took the whole Cup team out to eat. What a treat. It was so nice to dress nice and have a good meal with old and new friends. On the way home from eating, I felt strongly about giving my leftover food away. As I began to pray for the right person, I saw man run by the side of our car. My immediate thought was, "what has been been up to? Probably trouble, why is he running? I don't want to give him my food, I want to give it to a woman or child." Well no sooner had I finished these thoughts when God told me, "I love the rapist just as much as I love the raped." OUCH!! Ok God, I am so sorry for my selfish and judgmental thoughts. At the next intersection, I saw this homeless man who is always standing there. I believe he may be schitzofrinic (not sure how to spell that). Anyway, I knew my food was for him. As we pulled next to him, he was talking to the air, waving his hands around with a look of confusion on his face. Charles rolled down the window and handed him the food. With out any words, his face suddenly changed to appreciation and he just shook his head in thanks. God, please help me to love the world that same way you do. Forgive me for being judgmental. Let me see the world through Your eyes.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Great Week

What a great week last week. It was really good. I went to Johannesburg with my womens bible study. We had a lot of fun hanging out and goofing off but the best part and purpose of our trip was that we were able to hear Beth Moore speak. WOW!! She is so aweome. We are doing one of her bible studies right now and I am learning so much. It was really neat actually getting to hear her speak in person. And!!! We were able to go backstage and take meet her and take pictures with her. I felt like a little girl I was so excited. Thank you God for that awesome experience. And if that wasn't enough, Charles and I took a couple that has been here for a few weeks serving with us, to Kruger National Park. It was so amazing. We saw so many animals. Considering the park is 4.4 million acres, I felt very blessed to see as many as we saw. We even got to see a lion. We went on a sunset drive and it had already gotten dark. There he was, just strolling down the middle of the road. Our guide had told us to turn off our lights because they don't like them in their faces. Well this other tour truck must have missed this information because they were shining their lights right on his face. So, unfortunately my only picture of him is when he turned to go back into the brush. At least it is something :) Since I have a lot of pictures from the safari, I am working on putting up a parazz picture album so hopefully it will be up within a few days.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Jesus Is Awesome

You know its so amazing when you just shout and dance to the name of Jesus how much fun and how many people will be drawn to the name. When elevate was here and we were in mozambique we were leaving the place we stayed and then all the sudden we felt the Ghost and got so excited we had to start dancing in the street. It was awesome there where people coming from everwhere just to see what was going on, when they finally figured it out they started dancing with us. All the sudden a huge garbage truck pulled up and we thought he was going to run us over the guy got out of the truck blocking the street so no cars could come are go and started praising the Father with us how cool was that. After we were through making known of the presence we then went to a church out in the boonies and the elevate team did some dramas and then we closed it out. Man Making Jesus Famous is such an honor. You know some people might say that living on the mission field are doing ministry is a sacrifice but I think this is no sacrifice this is an honor that I can raise the name, speak the name and hold Him at the highest standerd. If we dont do it who will. The faces of the people light up so much when the Light of the World is dropped on them like an atomic bomb. Thank you Jesus for calling me and my wife to serve you at the highest level. Making You Famous is what we will do for ever and ever. Jesus I love you so much your son and daughter.

Making Jesus Famous,

Monday, August 07, 2006

Busy Busy Busy!!

The whole gang!!
Rob, Michelle, Me and Charles
Me, Lizzy, Natalie, Colleen and Mrs. Connie
Me, Lindsay and Natalie
Me, Michelle and Donna
Mr.Robert, Jacob, Charles and Rob
Tree Damage
Charles chopping up trees out of the road.
Damage on the side of the road.
Hard to tell, but this is the carepoint where our roof was blown away.
We have been so busy!! Sorry to all of our faithful readers for the lack of posts!! The Elevate team was here from July 26th to August 5th. It was absolutely amazing having them here. They worked so hard and really accomplished alot. They really stepped up the plate after Swaziland was hit with the worst windstorm in Swazi history. It desrtoyed tons of homes and left people without power and water for days. Like Katrina, people truly lost everything. Stick homes didn't stand a chance. Please continue to pray for these people. On a lighter note, elevate really encouraged Charles and I and totally lifted our spirits from spiritual exhaustion. They poured out into the community in lasting ways. On their 3rd night here, they held a youth service where there were 40 first time salvations. These kids are forever changed because of the elevate team. We are forever changed by the elevate team. I know that we have developed an unbreakable bond with each person on that team. We miss them so much already!! Pray for us as we coninue to have teams here. We love everyone so much!! Email us!!

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