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Thursday, October 26, 2006

High speed and good coffee

We are just sitting here in south africa chillin at seattle coffe house. We are here for two reasons. 1 some friends of ours are having to come to the doctor for a check up on their baby and and her husband is having to leave to go back to the states for a meeting and he dosn't want her to drive back by herself. 2 we were over due on our visitors passes and we had to leave the country. So we are here now drinking some coffee and enjoying high speed internet. This isn't even right, we're right next door to south africa and we have nothing. Stone age internet, coffe you have to grind yourself I mean come on!! But we are glad that we are where we are. Thank you Jesus for the life you gave us.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Chad, Mike and Johnny

Just had a great week with Chad Daniel and Mike and Johnny from Celebration. Here are some pics from the week. Look forward to seeing all of these guys state side one day.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Day four and going strong!

Dr. Erin
Dr. Micah
Dr. Troy
ME dressing a wound

Pepe with Dr. Beyda
Pepe being treated with an IV and oxygen mask
Dr. Beyda (aka the big dog)
Marsha headed our glasses department
The tents, one for waiting, one for the doctors and patients

Don at the pharmecy in the clinic

Yesterday (Thursday) was our fourth medival clinic. It was once again awesome!! The Doctors and Nurses saw 501 patients!! They were so exhausted but they pushed u ntil the end. A lot of people were tested, we are still waiting on the official count. The craziest thing i heard of yesterday was a little boy complaining of his ear hurting. When the docotor looked in, she saw a dead bug! Thankfully she was able to pull it right out. Some of the more heartbreaking cases were stories of abuse. One inparticular was a little boy whose father was biting him. His back was full of bite marks. Another woman from a different house suffred the same issue. Her husband had bitten a huge chunk out of her face and another out of her chest. We are trying to get the local churches involved in helping these types of situations. Here are some pictures from the past few days.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Medical Clinics

This has definitely been some of the most incredible few days since I have been here. We are in the middle of a full week of medical clinics at our carepoints. Mission of Mercy has sent this amazing team here of doctors and nurses and they are really reaching the communities in a big way. In these past 3 days we have seen about 1050 patients!! Praise God! 110 people have been tested for HIV and 45 have been found positive. This group blows me away. They are extremely in to what they are doing and making such a huge impact both spiritually and physically. I have seen children hooked up to IV's, an abcess be removed, 3rd degree burns dressed. There was one kid who had stepped on a thorn a while back and the foot was so infected they had to literally dig out all of the infection. It has really just been so cool what they have been able to do for the people. They have taken medical clinics to the next level. I wish I had more knowledge to let you know exactly all of the things they are seeing. I will try to get the medical terms and blog again :) I will also be posting pictures tomorrow. Please pray for these next two days!!

Saturday, October 07, 2006


HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRAD!!!! We love you and miss you!!

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