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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

There it goes

There it goes is a neet little phrase. I was sitting outside looking at a bird and then it flew off, I said to myself there it goes. I started laughing at that phrase "There it goes". A ball rolls down the street there it goes, a little droplet falls from the sky, there it goes. So many times it goes. your probably wondering right now what my point is, well here it is. Everything in lfe goes. All of Gods creation. So many people try to figure stuff out and confuss there self in the process of doing it, but why when it all goes. Ive been through alot of unorganized cais and the one thing that ive realized is there ain't no telling. Life is like a puzzle you open the box dump the peacies out and put it together. You cant make one piece fit just becouse it looks like the right one, you've got to find the right one. So there it goes my point. Quit trying to figure it all out and smooshing pieces of life where they dont belong. Because if you do that its a very rough agravating vomiting experiance. Just lean on God and let Him put the pieces of your life together and BOOM there it goes.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

My Beautiful Wife

You know there are things in life that i 90 % of the time do wrong, but marring my wife was something I know I did right. All my life I just wanted to have a happy marrige, well God really blessed me. Off that subject on to another. Be prepared for a lot of jumping. Latley I've been thinking alot and just in a state of thought, dont really know what thats about, but I do know this. Latley I have thought how awesome it is that every message I have heard is about coming back to the first love of Christ. So manny times we get carried away with life and other things, money, houses, cars are whatever we forget about the one thing, the main thing, Christ. When I use to use drugs the thing that I thought about the most was where the next fix. Searcing in every diffrent closet, cars, are even somtimes friends to get some money to finally get that next fill good it was like running around in a circus so many distractions and a state of confusion that not many people can understand. But I never lost the focus to try and find were it was going to be coming from. See if we can be so focused on a 30 minute high why cant we be so extrmely focused on an eternaial high. I was blessed that there was a negotiator for Christ who saw that I was a hostage a charged hell with the word and power of Christ that I can now find my high and power in the Lord. See we need to be always in touch with our savior because you never know when your going to have to bust hell wide open and rescue someone else, like someone did for me. It's not just a kawinkidink that all this sermons Im hearing is about coming back to the first Love of christ. So stay focused ,in touch and on the move for our Lord and savior.

Monday, October 10, 2005


Monda Monday Monday. Work was good, kind of a slow day, but still good. Charles was on tv tonight. Some Joyce Meyers thing that showed PRC in New Orleans. They showed him unloading trucks and talking with people. It was neat to see him on tv. Wednesday night is the live recording at church. I am so excited. I love a night of just worship. We also watched a movie tonight called Sometimes in April. It was about Rwanda. It is so sad what happened over there. I am glad that i feel educated on it though. Africa needs so much prayer. God be with Africa. Help childrens cup and every organization that is trying to help them.

Sunday, October 02, 2005


i cannot believe that it is october. september disappeared in the blink of an eye. my eye :) chrismas is in three months. that is crazy. it's been a good weekend. very busy at work on saturday,which is good because it makes the time go by fast. then dinner with luke, jamie, nicole, brad, jennifer, dylan and of course charles. then shopping with the girls, first at the mall then target, but we didn't have enough time at either place so we went back after church today. charles got a really nice letter from one of his customers just bragging about how good he made them feel when he went to their house to assess their damage; how he treated them like friends and just made them smile. i was so proud of him. my life group is going well. i really enjoy the girls and the fellowship and i know that God has a lot in store for it. well i have a long day at work tomorrow so i need my beauty sleep :) cya

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