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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Many of you may remember this little boy, Siphamandla, that I frequently visited in the government hospital here. Many of you even donated money for helping with his medical bills. This past Sunday, he went home to be our Heavenly Father. Seeing the empty bed hit hard. I cannot say thank you enough for all of your prayers and support for Siphamandla. I pray that I accomplished what it was God had me doing there. I pray that Jabu, his care taker, felt Christ through us. I pray that now, in her time of mourning she will seek His comfort. I know that God called me to help Siphamandla and Jabu and I thank everyone who helped in this also. Please continue to pray fro Jabu and her relationship with Christ. Please pray for me, as I will be attending the funeral this weekend. I want to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and any further things He needs me to do pertaining to this situation. Thank you for your prayers! They are what carry us through!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Well we made it back from Zim. It was amazing. Other than the fact that we didn't have water or electricity for half the time we were there. I had 2 showers the whole time we were there how lovely. But it was worth every bit of it. We were able to go into the communities that we a re trying to connect with there and build relationship with the people. In one of the communities that we are trying to get in there were so many kids running around and no parents. It was mind blowing. Another place is the highest HIV infected place in that area. As I was there all I could think about is how the devil comes to steal kill and destroy. I cant wait to get in there and start fighting. To bring the life of Christ to thoose people and let the devil know whos boss.

Monday, May 21, 2007

God our Healer

This is Sne about a month ago in the hospital.
This is Sne ysterday at her homestead.

Hiking at the homestaed.
Sne wanting to drive my car :)

So you may remember a couple of posts ago I shared with you about some of the kids in the government hospital. That place is a mission field in itslef. Teresa, Bri, Zinty, Mary and I have been doing lots of ministry there. It is full of opportunity for God to be shared there.
A few children i particular have really reached inside of me and grabbed my heart. One of those is a little girl named S'nenhlahla, but we can call her Sne (snay) for short. When I first saw her in the hospital, she was so thin and frail. At only 3 years old, she was diagnosed with the ever growing HIV virus. Her hand were stiff and turned in, she was barely eating, constantly having runny stomach and she had a horrible rash all over her entire body. After weeks of visiting her and praying over her, she began to get healthy and was eventually discharged.
This past weekend, a few friends a I drove to her homstead, about an hour from where I live to visit her and her family. God is so good!! She looks like a different child. Healthy, laughing, full of energy and a HUGE appetitie. She is always asking for food! She has gained a significant amount of weight and her rash is almost all cleared up.
Do I know that she is on medication? Yes. Do I know that the medicine is probably a big reason for her recovery? Yes. Do I see other kids with the same issues and the same treatment not get better? Yes. Do I believe God is doing bigger things here? Most definitely.
I pray that through the relationship God has given us with Sne and her family, that they will all know Christ in a personal way. As their provider and their healer. Praise God! He is working here!!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Streets

Due to the area we were in, I am not able to say the name of the city for safety reasons. One night we went out had an outreach doing street ministry with the homeless kids. What we saw blew our minds. We came across some kids that have lived on the streets for a long time. When they showed us where they lived, it broke my heart. There was no roof over their heads and broken glass everywhere.

When we started talking to them they began to open up to us and said that they were forced to do whatever they could to survive. Whether it was stealing from people or selling themselves I didn't know. All I could think of was what it must be like to live that way. Not knowing where your next meal would come from or if you would even be alive the next morning. We were able to share the love of Christ with them and then bless them with some KFC chicken. Please pray for these guys that we can continue to reach them and Love them with a pure heart and that Jesus will be made Famous.

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