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Friday, March 23, 2007

Ketterling 07

Pastor Rob Ketterling, from River Valley Church in Minnesota, was here this past week with a team from his church. We had an amazing time with these guys. They hung out at our care points, encouraging our teachers and playing games with the kids. Then we headed to Mozambique, where they were a part of our very frist church sevrice there. It was so awesome!!
First I have to back up to the day we arrived in Mozambique. It had to be one of my most memorable moments here. You have to understand that the drive to the church/care point there, is about a 20 minute, in the sand, drive. I always enjoy the drive from the second we touch the sand, but this time tops them all. After only about 3 minutes or so if being in the sand, little by little, kids starting racing after our cars, towards the care point, til it was about 250 kids, running after us. They were so excited they were laughing so hard with joy. I am tearing up even as I write this. I know you can't fully understand how special that moment was but it touched me so deeply. I just kept thinking how those kids live everyday, and then the hope they see when they see our cars. The happiness they know they will experience with us. The games, the face paint, the candy, the songs, the hope. For them, it's like disney world pulling up into your backyard, except that we have more than just the tmeporary things. Thank you Lord for that awesome moment, where I felt your love. And thank you for using me to touch these kids.
On Saturday, we painted ALL day long. Touching up and painting second coats, it is so exciting to be a part of it all. Then on Sunday we had our very first official service. There were 254 people there!! Pastor Isaac and Pastor Rob did an awesome job!! God is going to do amazing things there!! The people were so excited to be there. It is amazing to God's hand at work. Please continue to pray for Isaac and Carol as the pastors of that campus and for the people of that community, that God will pour His truth into their lives!!

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Monday, March 19, 2007

Media Driven

Im going to try something new. Im not going to post any pictures because we are loosing a generation to a world that is capturing our people due to the media. It seems that people are loosing the sight of God because they cant see Him or hear Him. We need to come back to our first love and seek Him for who He is and not what He can do for us.

Rob Ketterling a great pastor and friend from river valley church is here with a team and today we were able to bring them into communities and really show them how people live. They where blown away. There was one lady who we were able to pray with and minister to. As we were praying with her I asked her if she loved Jesus and she said yes then I asked her if she belived that Jesus could heal her and she said yes. As we started to pray with her something inside me said ask her if she isn't healed will she still love me. I paused, then I asked her. She then paused and then said yes.

We have to come back to that place where Jesus can speak to us and we listen even though we cant see Him or physically hear. We also have to be at a point in life that if something dosnt happen we still follow him with all our hearts. Please pray for the people here because alot of times they loose the real focus of Christ.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Jesus Is Moving

So the other day I was out in the community and stopped by a homestead to visit a family that is awesome. The lady is one of our cooks and the kids come to the carepoint everyday. The husband is positive and just 6 months back could not walk and laid on a mat on the dirt 24/7. He was just skin and bone. Elevate our intern programe from healing place church came out to visit us in swaziland and one of there projects while they where here was to dig another long drop for this family. Thats a out house. While they where there we carried him out of the house circuled him and started to pray. after elevate left I would go to visit him and talk. One day as I was walking down the trail to his home he walked outside and meet me. I was shocked. He was a little wobbly but he was walking on his own. This guy couldn't do anything. So the other day I went to visit him and as I was walking down I here bang bang. I was thinking what in the world is that. When I get there he's swinging a sledge hammer cutting wood. I asked are u doing well and he said Jesus is Moving, Jesus is Moving. I thought yes He is. From a man who couldn't walk barley talk and now swinging a sledge hammer. I would say Jesus is Moving.

Saturday, March 03, 2007


You know people always ask what we do here in swaziland and when I go to answer that question all I can think about is the game srabble. I just get really jumbled in my head because I try to put together a daily event of things and then try to explain them. Then, as I explain them I get confused because there are so many stories and daily events that go on I start to run them all together. So I thought it might be good to put together a picture scrabble of a daily day. Does those two words go together. If your reading this you can already tell that my wife is not the one typing. She helps me so much to sound smart. But these pics are of a day on the street or dirt of childrenscup. I hope they speak to you because they are everything to us. We love the people here.

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