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Monday, February 06, 2006

World Mandate '06

What an awesome weekend. Charles and I attended a missions minded conference in Waco, TX called World Mandate. A weekend filled with missionary speakers from all over the world: Afghanistan, Lebenon, India, Kenya, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and the list goes on. People with the heart of God for the nations. Crying out for the people of their countries. There was such an anointing that you couldn't help but break for their countries also, and for our country. My heart broke for Swaziland more than ever. All the people there that have NEVER heard the name Jesus and know NOTHING about the words forgiveness, freedom, hope, mercy and grace. I am so excited about what God has for us there. I know that we will be stretched more than we can imagine. Keep us in your prayers and keep in touch.

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