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Monday, April 16, 2007

They didn't have a choice

God teaches me daily here. I love it!!
A few weeks ago, Teresa asked me to go with her to the government hospital to see one of our care point kids, Gcina. Some playground equipment had fallen on his face, resulting in him having to have complete reconstructive surgery on several bones in his face. His nose, cheek, jaw and chin. He was sent to Johannesburg, South Africa and we are still waiting on his return. While at the hospital, I began scanning the room, looking at all of the children there and wondering their stories. The government hospital is a really sad place to go. The staff seem so unconcerned with the patients. The roaches are EVERYWHERE. You literally have to keep stepping on them to keep them from crawling up your legs. They serve one meal a day to patients. ONE MEAL A DAY IN A HOSPITAL! It is like something you see in a scary movie. Dark hallways with worn walls and cracks everywhere with water leaking in. I sweat from the moment we enter because there is no AC. And this is where the people here turn for help.
While there on our first visit to see Gcina, I noticed a small little girl in the corner, barely strong enough to keep her eyes open. I walked over to her bed and began singing to her and rubbing her back and face. With all her strength she sat up in her bed and held her arms up for me to hold her. I broke! MY heart melted then and there. I scooped her up and began praying over her. I felt God so strongly. I knew He had purpose for her. She is 3 years old and her name is S'nenhlahla. A few weeks ago, they found out that she is HIV positive. Over the last few weeks, me and a friend have gone at least every other day, bringing food and stuffed animals and coloring books.God has really opened the doors andI have built a great relationship with Sne and her family. They are christians and we are able to pray every time. The improvement in Sne over the last 3 weeks has been AMAZING!! God is doing big things in her life. She hasn't even started the medicines yet. She was too malnutritioned so they wouldnt put her on them, but because she is getting so much healthier, she starts the meds today!! Thank you LORD!!
Please pray for her and all of the children in the government hospital. They didn't ask to be born here. They didn't ask to get sick. They didn't have a choice in where to go. Praise God for what He is doing in Sne's life and believe Him to do it in others.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

What if

I was out in the community the other day and there was a guy that flaged me down for a lift. So I picked him up. When he got in my car he started messing with all the buttons and then picked up my IPOD and looked at me like what is this. I showed him its a radio he was amazed. Then my phone rang and when I got off of it he picked it up like man wish he had one.

How many times have we thought what if I was a movie star or what if I had millions of dollars. Then the HOLY GHOST smoked me as usual. He started saying this guy sees you as you see a movie star. What if he had what you have. A house to live in a car to drive food to eat whenever you want it what if he just had half of what you have. After I dropped him off I stopped and wanted to cry. Why is it that I am so blessed and other people in the world aren't.

It challenged me to everyday skip a meal and think, pray and give thanks to God for what Hes given us. Take the money that I would have spent on food and pass it on to someone who dosn't have. A PASS IT ON movment.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Satyin Alive At Age 5

I was in the community the other day and I came across a couple of kids and it broke me. As I was driving down this dirt rode I saw a couple of little people walking down the rode with something on there heads. As I got closer I realized that it was just kids carrying wood on there heads. I stoped and talkled to them and found out that they where carrying this wood for them to cook food for the night. I asked how old they where they said 5. I thought to myself a 5 year old that has to find wood then gather it and then carry it for how ever far. Then when they get home they have to build a fire and prepare the food for the night. Man it messed me up. Having trouble posting pics will do though.

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